Tight Location 3.5 Swivel and Power Unit...............

U S Coast Guard Approved Offshore Skid Power Unit Skid with Powered  Hose Reel Skid with 135' of Power Hoses. 75' to 175' of Control Panel Hoses. Skids can be placed up to 100' apart for tight spaces or highly explosive atmospheres. Hydraulic Pullback Winch for swivel rig up and rig down. Skids footprint is 8' x 10'  or 4' x 20', which takes up only 4' width next to cat walk or on pipe rack. On tight offshore locations and rigs this  swivel is an excellent performer.  

Key Benefits


Trailer Mounted S3.5 With EPA/CARB Approved and Permitted Off Road Perkins Diesel Engine with Air Controls. 135' of power hoses on powered reel and 100' of control unit hoses. 

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